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Come to the Lord‘s Table

Why is it that on the first day of every seven days God’s children go to churches to listen to sermons but refuse to come to the Lord’s table to fellowship with Him?

Why is it that God’s children seem to enjoy ritualistic ceremonies called “holy communion” conducted by a trained person but immediately feel uncomfortable when the true meaning of Breaking the Bread (i.e., remembering the Lord’s death) is explained to them, not to even mention being in the mist of one in true spiritual fellowship?

I am by no means against church life.  In fact, I cannot imagine a mature Christian who does not live among brothers and sisters as a member of Christ’s body.  But God’s Word never called a place, or a human organization, “church.”  In God’s eye, church is always the spiritual reality of Christ’s body embodied in the assembly of His children called by Him and united in His life, wherever they are.

Neither am I opposing to the concept of “holy communion”.  But the fellowship at the Lord’s Table is the true holy communion with Him. The Lord has commanded us to remember His death on the Cross as a true recognition of what redemption we have received from Him, not to enjoy a moment of religious mood every once a while.

Without the tragedy on Calvary, there would be no communion between men and God.

Do you remember Calvary daily?