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Our Father will not be ashamed on that day

In ultimate sense, who takes the responsibility of your life?

If you are a child of God, your Father does.

It may surprise you, but being able to take care of you in Christ to the end without shame is a part of God’s eternal will in Christ.

Years ago, I saw a scene in TV news that I could never forget.  It was a cold winter day with heavy snow falling.  A war broke out in a city, and people started to flee for their lives.

All that was happening in real life, not in a movie nor a documentary.

A news camera showed a father who was carrying a small child.  Not only did he not know where he would run to, he was also at the end of his means trying to protect his child from the cold.  He couldn’t even protect himself.  He had taken off all his outer clothes to put them on his child but it wasn’t enough.

On the father’s face I saw desperation, but most of all, shame, for he could not take care of his own child.  He was obviously a strong and able man. But at that moment, his life was defined by the shame due to his inability.

Whose child are you? One day a War will break out everywhere and no man can escape on his own.  But Christ will come to take His own to the eternal home for everlasting safety.  If you have not been born again into God’s family, I pray that you ask Jesus into your heart today to receive His life as yours.

On that day, God will not be ashamed of having called us His children, for He has prepared an eternal city for His children.  He is such a Father.  No one can call shame on His face that day by saying that He could not take care of His own children.

Whenever I think of this, I am filled with both ultimate security and a fundamental fear at the same time – security because our Father will not be ashamed of me, and His infallibility is not merely a great “willingness”, but an eternal reality based on His divine nature and power;  but fear because I am not sure whether on that day I will be able to proclaim: “I have not brought shame to my Father.”