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The King’s children go to school

A brother half-jokingly told about a dream his college-freshman daughter had. The world was coming to an end, and she was glad, because she would no longer need to go to school.

Although the young college student’s dream was a bit humorous, I felt it was a very realistic dream and tells a great parable of our life.  If we really know what we are left on earth doing, most of us who belong to the Lord would probably have the same dream about the Lord’s return.  We are left on earth to be schooled. It is very hard schooling, if you are serious about it. While a few really good students may be looking forward to graduation, most of us would be glad any moment if the school is ended early.

But thank God we have the privilege to be schooled.  People who don’t belong to the Lord are just going to the world, living and surviving, and all the meaning has to be found in this process itself. But those who go to school to receive education know that schooling is only means to a greater end.

In the old days, most people could not afford sending their children to a school. But the king’s children always received the best education. So the king’s children go to school.  What a remarkable and enviable thing if you see the privilege.

When it comes to spiritual schooling, only God, the King’s children go to school. They are supposed to go home at the end of school.  The eternal home after a temporal school.  This is an exclusive privilege.  For others, this world is home and it matters not if it could also be figuratively called a school.

Let us be aware of the privilege, take the opportunity seriously, and, although recognizing that schooling is always hard and a heavy burden bearing on the students, be glad that we are being schooled and thank the Father for the privilege.