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To a friend who starts to see the light

A letter to a friend once wrote to share her joy in the commencement of a journey to knowing God. 

We just received and read your letter.  The letter brought us true joy. Praise God our Lord for the work in your lives by His Holy Spirit.

No one has ever changed anyone’s life except with the help of the Holy Spirit of God. If you saw light when you first heard the good news from your friend, it is only because God’s life is in her and that life is the light that shines through.

The Son of God came and said: “I am the Light,” and “I am the Way, Truth and Life.”  Before I became a believer, when I heard that, I thought it was some beautiful poetic language, just like what I heard many times before.  But poetic language, no matter how beautiful it may be, had nothing to do with my life and did nothing to my life.

Until one day God lifted the veil over my earthly eyes and opened my spiritual eyes to let me see the true reality behind and beyond everything our physical eyes see, and see that what Jesus said was literally true.

It is the ultimate truth, light and life hidden with love in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The truth does exist, only different and immeasurably better than what the idealists think it is.

The greatest thing that has ever happened in my life is to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savoir.  I did not expect such great things when I came to America.  And my heart is again blessed whenever I see a friend starting to know God, being awakened from all the earthly teachings and fleshly inspirations (which are lies of Satan) and walking away from the dark ways of this world which ultimately lead to death.

It is therefore our constant prayer that both of you will eventually come to truly know the salvation from God and are saved to the eternity. God’s salvation will surely bring hope to your life and change it for the better.  But do not mistakenly think that the Salvation of God is yet another religion, philosophy, or a self-help theory that might help to create a more positive attitude in one’s life.  It is much more than merely a positive attitude toward life.  It is even much more than just a profound and good world view.  Those things, if they are real and good, will be manifested by life, but God’s salvation is the life itself that lasts to the eternity.

I am very glad and thankful to hear that both of you are humble before God. Indeed, humility before God is the beginning of wisdom.  I hope you will continue to search for God, read Bible, which is the Word of God, and seek fellowship with Christians.

I realize that the spiritual environment is not very good in the place you live.  But there are many faithful delivers living near you and you just don’t know them.  I even feel that, if the Lord permits, the tidings of God’s blessings, which swept Europe many centuries ago and America in the most recent centuries, are turning to Asia, particularly China.  God has promised that the Gospel (the Good News) will be preached to the ends of the earth before the time is up.

Never be led away by the schemes and illusions set by the devil to confuse you and frustrate you.  It is not easy to know God.  It is so because our ungodly condition keeps us away from God, not because God delights in hiding from us.

Never expect knowing God to be a “natural process.”  If you know yourself and others, you know that the nature of human being is hostile to the knowledge of God.  So violent is the natural incompatibility that when the Son of God came to the earth, we not only despised him but eventually crucified and killed him.

The evilness of human being is declared and manifested on the Cross on which the Son of God was crucified.  Once you see that, you will cry out to God and ask Him to help you to believe, because the very fact that we don’t believe is evidence that we need to believe, and our condition is in a pit and snare set up by the devil to trap us into unbelieving.

May you find favor in God’s eyes and hold on to that blessing.  I pray that we will meet soon in the future to share the fruits of God’s goodness.